Unlock Google Workspace as a content manager

Transform Google Workspace as a first-class content management platform for your startup. No vendor lock-in. Eject anytime.



Connect your Google Workspace account and let Unspace guide you through setting up your spreadsheet as a content manager.



Easily integrate Unspace to your app and sync with your favourite database in production, both ways. It also works with Fauna.



Update your spreadsheet to reflect the evolution of your app. CRUD data and manage relations directly from Google Workspace.

Set up your content in Google Workspace the convenient way

As easy as filling a spreadsheet.

  • Connect your Google Workspace account.
  • Use a spreadsheet as a content manager for your app. One sheet by collection.
  • Define columns as fields.
  • Pre-fill content to quick-start your app.
Set up your content
Integrate Unspace

Integrate Unspace, then connect your database. It’s that simple

Every update gets send back and forth.

  • Integrate with APIs and webhooks.
  • Import from your database or Google Workspace.
  • Data integrity with two-way sync.
  • Works with Fauna. More databases are coming.

Manage your content live directly from your spreadsheet

Changes reflect instantly on your users.

  • Create, read, update, and delete your content.
  • Link sheets to create relations.
  • Real-time logs for troubleshooting.
  • Data backup and versioning by default.
Manage your content

Unlock Google Workspace. Build fast.

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